The rules for big profit with little effort

The following laws will allow you to generate profit from anything, both on a personal and business level, and in fact – on any level you can think of.

The laws are actually “frames of thought” and are based on the assumption that logic and intelligence (or wisdom) are two different things. Logic is much more important and also easier to achieve. Logic is basically a way of thinking.

In fact, the connection between wisdom and profit is not so strong, there are very smart people who do not know how to earn (money or personal profit). Because they don’t understand that in order to earn you have to think and focus on profit! This is what the laws were created for. These rules took shape for me over the years without really defining them. But now, they are defined and served to you to maximize your profit.

If you profit from it, that’s my profit.

The first law – “The Law of Profit!”

The law of profit will help you focus on what is important. I will point out that profit does not have to be monetary, but can be in any area that is important to you. When you are focused – the chance to succeed increases, because all attention is focused on the goal.

In the first step, it is important to understand, honestly, what is important to you, then – focus on thinking – what will advance your profit? For that matter, volunteering in the community can also generate profit, so it’s okay to think in a profitable sense – what is my profit from a thriving community and how do I create such a community that will generate this profit for me and the community?

Stakeholders on steroids

“Do I have a profit from the action I will take and what is the risk involved?”

This is the question you should always ask yourself. Yes, it means being self-interested. super interested.

For example, a friend asked me whether to study to be a passenger pilot or a nurse? Nursing studies are cheap. Flight studies will cost three times for three years. But the salary compensation will be twice that of nurses. I answered her that it was obviously worth investing a little more money in studies. Three years to learn to be a pilot, then forty years to earn double without any risk. You can understand the logic behind this calculation. The consideration of the tuition fee in this case is irrelevant because the economic profit afterwards is double. In thirty years of work, her profit will be over a million dollars. A little free thought changed her life!

Free thought is a practical outlook on life. If you have made a decision that has no profit on its side, it is not a true free thought.

I didn’t fail, I was failed.

What to do with failure, rejection or bumps in the road? profit from them!

Take two people who experienced the same failure – one will get super motivated – to overcome the obstacle, and the other – will break and give up. I estimate that the distribution of the population is 10% of the first type and 90% of the second type. It has nothing to do with wisdom, but only with how the person dealt with such an event. Statistics show that the most successful people in the world know how to build and get motivated by failures, rejections and other difficulties along the way. How do you do that? Here are five principles that will help you turn failure into profit:

  • Failure is a good thing. It indicates experience. The constant search for opportunities improves and trains your abilities even if the path is lined with failures and rejections. Even rejection, failure or other difficulty can be positive in your life path – if you know how to use them to generate motivation for progress.
  • However, when you come across an incident of this type – you need to know when to step back for a moment, reconsider things and make an informed decision – to abandon and move on or “attack” again.
  • The withdrawal for a moment allows a certain distancing and making a decision that is not influenced by emotion.
  • If you decide to attack again – it is important to leave the event with new information or a reference to a source that will lift you from a state of failure to a state of learning from experience…
  • In the end it’s important to remember – if you fail at something, it doesn’t mean anything about you or about you. You are not the failure.
  • Read the book Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang.

From anger, jealousy and revenge to profit – how did I neutralize the emotion and turn it into profit?

In the backgammon company we founded in the early 2000s, there were serious differences of opinion between me, the investors and the CEO. We got to the point where they were against everything I said or wanted. Over time they bought some of my shares from me, but one day, when I was driving with one of the investors in the car, he said to me disdainfully, “If you want to leave, we will pay you a million dollars for the shares you have left.” “Closed,” I answered him and held out my hand. The investors bought the rest of my shares from me and threw a huge party on the occasion of my final departure from the company. Of course, in this final sale transaction, I also included the partners who were loyal to me, Elad and Gal. A few years later we founded Plus500 together. I channeled the anger and the desire to take revenge on the investors’ arrogance into establishing Plus500. The investors, by the way, closed the company after a few years.

This is just one example, but over the years I have channeled feelings of anger, even at specific people, for profit. I didn’t “take revenge” without profiting from it. I am not strong in feelings of jealousy, but many specialize in it. I suggest moving on and concentrating on the profit, and most of the time the profit is found in moving on and moving forward and winning without revenge, sneering or jealousy.

Give up or never

Knowing when to give up and when to “never give up” is a critical balancing ability for success in business, relationships and life in general, nutrition, sports, friendships and more.

Giving up is a bit like selling, it’s hard for us to sell because of the ownership bias, when we own an object or an idea we attribute a greater value to it than its true value. So it’s hard for us to give up.

Giving up is accompanied by thoughts of what if… if I lose more, if I don’t find something better, if I make the wrong decision. Sometimes balance will be out of intuition and sometimes out of a cold consideration of pros and cons. Everyone needs to find the way to balance in their life with the understanding that profit is of great importance.

Examples of huge profit with little mental effort

Some examples of profitability in different subjects when exercising free thought:

  • “A small house is better than a large lot”;
  • “Technology does not improve the quality of life”;
  • “Few change their minds even though it is good to change their minds”;
  • “to breathe through the nose day and night”;
  • “Invest only in ETFs for many years”;
  • “A trial in a court should take a week, not years”;
  • “What should be done to increase my chances of making money?” (answer in the next rule);
  • “Everyone has a field in which they can win”;
  • “Food affects every area of our lives and we don’t eat right”;
  • “Cow’s milk is not suitable for humans, goat’s milk is.”

The second law – the “monkey law”

The previous model of man was a monkey

7 million years ago our ancestors split for the first time from their modern chimpanzee ancestors, our relatives. The early apes gradually began to walk upright over time. This feature distinguishes us from other apes and probably appeared about 6 million years ago.

About 4 million years ago, a group called Australopithecines appeared. They were small, their brain size was about the same size as modern chimpanzees, but their teeth and jaws were more like ours.

About 2.5 million years ago, the first evidence of tool use was found by Homo habilis, who already had a significantly larger brain than the Australopithecines.

Homo erectus appeared about 1.9 million years ago. They were the first hominins to leave Africa and were able to control fire.

500,000 years ago we found Homo heidelbergensis. These early humans had large brains and may have been the first to live in complex social groups, bury their dead and hunt large animals.

Neanderthals branched off from Homo heidelbergensis about 400,000 years ago and lived in Europe and Asia.

Our species, Homo sapiens, appeared in Africa about 300,000 years ago. We were the first to use the language, create works of art and develop advanced tools. About 70,000 years ago we began to roam the globe, eventually replacing all other human species.

Finally, about 10,000 years ago, Homo sapiens began to create permanent settlements and develop agriculture, which marked the beginning of human civilization as we know it.

Who has the burden of proof?

There is a critical law that is worth understanding – we call it the “law of the burden of proof” – the chance that a substance, form of substance or behavior, which humans have not been exposed to for tens of thousands of years and are currently exposing a person to – will be good for humans – is zero. Most likely it is harmful. The burden of proof is on the one who adds a new substance to a person, such as genetically modified food, plant oils, cbd, marijuana and various drugs, smoothies, genetically modified wheat, clean sugar, salt, ingredients in sodium-blah-blah toothpaste, various fried foods, all types of snacks and thousands more examples There are substances that are in natural food and they are very problematic for us, they are called lectins and in my opinion their effect is greater than people imagine because they are found in food that is associated with health – a lecture on lectins and what they can do . There is also the opposite side of the law: what the person was exposed to for tens of thousands of years is most likely good for the person: sun, meat, fish, fruits, etc.

Most of the meat, fish, vegetables and fruits that are sold to us today are not the same as they used to be. You can get close to what they ate by eating animals that eat grass and not a mixture, that grow in pastures and not in cages, as well as wild caught fish that did not grow in ponds and received food that is not suitable for them. For example, we are built for grilled fish because for 700 thousand years man has been eating them: A site for cooking fish – ancient evidence of cooking at Gesher B’not Ya’akov .

New materials that enter into it

The unnatural substances we are exposed to: flavorings, toothpastes, cleaning agents, face creams, perfumes, fabric softeners, hair products, makeup of all forms, pesticides, fertilizers and the like. It is difficult to predict how these substances affect our health, but according to the “Monkey Law ” the chances are that they will harm us in ways we did not think of. A small example: toothpastes contain substances that can cause severe stomach pains – the effect will be different for each person.

Detergents and the other artificial substances that most of you use (dishwasher tablets, bleach and floor cleaners, pesticides, etc.) find their way into the food you eat. The consumption of these substances is paid for in health.

The man-made factory

Evolution is the most wonderful method I have come across, and unless you propose another method, then you probably do too. She created us and all the flora and fauna, and no, this does not contradict the belief. If you are people of faith, this is probably the way to create a person. If you want to learn about Subaru, go to the Subaru factory, that’s how you’ll learn the most about this car. Just like man, Homo sapiens, we have the possibility to see the factory that produced us in the last 3.5 billion years from the first cell and 200 million years from the first mammal. This plant is evolution. Therefore, evolution should be given a huge weight in our thoughts, it will generate infinite profit for us because evolution beats any scientist or researcher in the laboratory, a new medicine or just an application. She can explain to you what you should eat, how to drive, who to connect with, how to study and what to dream about in order to earn a good life. This profit will prevent people from bluffing you with so-called facts.

So choose to behave as the ancient humans behaved in nature, as far as possible, and only copy and improve. Why copy? In many ways they were happier and healthier than us. I’m not at all sure that an office is better than hunting or just having fun in nature.

Our body and mind have adapted and adapted to this way of life! Trying to beat nature with technology, drugs, magicians, salves, miracle herbs, know-how and juices, are usually destined for failure.

The law that explains a good life

A study from Harvard showed that our “relationships” are the most influential factor on our health, more than smoking and more than money. It is the number one predictor of quality of life.

60 thousand years ago when one Homo sapiens was forgotten alone by a stream, and the whole tribe was far from her, evolution is the one that activated the nerve response in her and caused her body to send chemical signals that would help her survive. She was stressed and sad, woke up many times at night in fear of predators and was under pressure to return to her tribe. These signals are good for a day or two, but when you experience the same feelings of survival for a long period of time, it is called “the plague of modernization”. We are not supposed to be stressed for long periods. The reason is a mismatch between the way we were built to live and the way we live today, the symptoms are sadness and loneliness. Note that the “primitive man’s law” solved the cause without going into the biological mechanism of what causes continuous stress to our body, but with the help of the research from Harvard and a little anthropology, we came to an important conclusion for a huge profit – it is worth maintaining and cultivating relationships for a huge profit to our quality of life. When there are people around us it’s hard – harder to be sad.

In the “Law of Location” there is an excellent way to maintain and nurture relationships.

Who designed nature?

Whoever “designed” nature did not want to give humans the opportunity to surpass it.

When you see a health problem and wonder if it’s genes or the environment, most likely it’s the environment, that is, the food. Our behavior or way of life does not match how we were built.

From this law we come to the conclusion that we are adapted to eat: meat, fish, sourdough bread, soured goat milk products and ripe fruits. More on this in free nutrition . From this law it is possible to understand how we should walk, sit, run, lift weights and sleep as evolution intended. You will read about this in my everyday life . This law together with free thought solves the issue of body and mind, something that will give you an almost infinite profit compared to non-evolutionary ways such as drugs and surgeries.

Is it the genes or the environment?

When there is a question whether it is the genes or the environment, it is better to bet that it is the environment that is responsible for the way we act and not the genes. In character and physical characteristics such as height or face shape, it is often genes, but in other things it is the environment and our life path. Bottom line – everything depends on us. If your ankle hurts when you run, don’t blame your genes, it’s just something you’re doing wrong.

To suppress is evolutionary

In ancient times, traumas and unpleasant events were repressed and not dug into as they are today in the new psychology. From an evolutionary point of view, it seems logical that we were created to move on and not continue to dwell on the past and feel sorry for ourselves. Is talking about the past and recalling difficult events a social conditioning or what is really worth doing? It seems logical that it is better to repress and not dig into the past but only learn from it. We have a natural mechanism that allows us to forget the past and move on. In women it works well in childbirth.

Football players and the ancient man

Is football a good game for us? To arrive at the answer we will think about the evolution of man. We haven’t received many shocks and falls every day for years, so we haven’t been trained to handle it. Indeed, football players have a higher incidence of head diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and CTE. The truth – when I hit a football I feel dizzy for a few seconds, we probably aren’t built to use our head as a shock absorber.

The third law – “the 24 second law”

Twenty-four seconds, move

At Plus500 we had a rule between the guys, we called it the 24 second rule, the idea was that what can be done right now in 24 seconds is done right now. It could have been an important conversation, a decision or a significant hiring that needs to be closed. Don’t postpone anything that can be done right now. When I was CEO, and people would come up to me and ask, “When can I talk to you?” the answer was almost always, “I’m using the 24-second rule, talk!” , not on us, for 24 days, but the principle was clear. And yes… I was born impatient.

Also in my personal life, I learned from my mother, small or big things that can be done right now, actions and not postponements. What’s the gain? This has a great advantage for finishing tasks, tasks we start have a much greater tendency to finish them, when you don’t neglect things, they get done and progress. And yes, I don’t like to abandon tasks or leave something in the middle. Sometimes while talking to people, they suggest all kinds of ideas, and I already implement them while talking.

The 24 second law is not a simple law, it goes against the natural tendency of people to postpone tasks, but it is one of the most important laws in the life of free thought. My wife and I educate our children this way.

By the way, I come across a lot of really successful people who, without knowing it, constantly apply the “24 second law”.

Why talk tomorrow if you can now?

Even in a phone conversation, when a job candidate called me and said, “It’s about my job at Plus500, I wanted to schedule a conversation with you, my answer was, of course, “Talk!”

It’s a tool I work with in my personal life as well, a small or big thing that can be closed now, I’ll close or start it now, just like this section, which I remembered I should add. The 24 second rule works!

A friend, who read this section, wrote to me, ‘When I visited you on Plus500, there was a small task that needed to be done, and you just did it yourself. When I asked you – why not transfer to someone else? You said, “You know the 24 second rule? It will take me longer to explain the task than to do it myself. It really resonated with me and I used it a lot after that, probably hundreds of times. In short – the law is important for life!!!’

Jump into the water without a swimsuit in 24 seconds

Yes, yes, here too I’m looking for profit without trying too hard.

Just like those who are on track and want to know that we are in the right direction, this is exactly how the matter of 24 seconds goes in the right direction.

To check things that sometimes take a few months, you can shorten the process and just check it as if you have everything, just to get a quick answer if you are on track or not. It’s a big profit with little effort, because you check direction without investing much. All my life I’ve done it, it’s to get direction quickly.

Let’s say you want to be a lawyer, go to a lecture at the faculty and see if it suits you at all.

Do you want to sell a miracle ball? Set up a website as if you have the balls and see if there is interest. You want to check the market of selling and buying shoes, open a WhatsApp group and check if there is a demand. Talk to the customers.

At Plus500 we wanted to test whether a really stupid trading system would work or not, so instead of developing it, we just built a website that pretends we already have it. We only had a website and we tried to check how people react, after all, they don’t know that there really isn’t a system. It was a dismal failure. And so, instead of investing a few months in developing a system, we invested only a few hours in developing a website and received an answer in the direction. The answer was “in the trash.”

I offered my children to sell cooked plantain bananas in the moshav, and they immediately started planning mountains and hills, this is probably human nature. I told them, “Wait, first make some plantain bananas at home, put up a small sign saying ‘A miracle plantain from South America – now for 15 shekels!’ and see if anyone is interested at all.”

So I hope you will understand from this map, that it is always worth checking if you are on the right track. Even if you have to bluff a little, as long as no one gets hurt by it.

The crocodile waits 24 days

Patience is the name of the game, wait for the prey to arrive and then – pounce on it.

He sometimes waits there for weeks until the prey comes, but when the prey arrives, he pounces on it.

Good things rarely come, so you have to be patient, very patient.

The mediocre things you get all the time, you have to learn to filter.

A good example is in investments, a few times a year, or even years, there are good investment opportunities in the capital market. Another example is when implementing an idea – it is better to wait until you feel confident and then implement it and not go for the first idea.

When choosing an activity – it is better to think about the long term. In choosing the right path between long-term laziness, you should resist laziness and go for the long term. For example to read theoretical books written by smart people with receipts is to think about the long term in leisure time.

A beautiful frame in your head “for the 24 second law”

Here you can read what a frame is .

When I framed the law as an idea, I imagined scary and difficult things that he doesn’t always want to do, and instead of running away and rejecting them, I imagined that I was “attacking” them. When you strive to get in touch with a problem or with a business or engineering task, you take the first step that is so difficult sometimes, you receive initial information. You show the problem, the people around you and especially yourself that you are not afraid and that you can solve the matter, and this is the critical part in the pursuit of contact which is a kind of 24 second law. It’s a statement: “I’m here and I’m going to work on this until it’s resolved.” Even when someone asks you for something, sign off on them with “Done.”

Boom is what I want

In conversations with me, people are often surprised by the directness, for example, “I want our advertisement to appear at the top of the site for a year, we will pay you X,” without too much talk or flattery. Striving for contact also prevents wasting time.

Sometimes I also use it with some sophistication. For example, when I wanted to reach a certain CEO, I sent an email whose title was: “This is the 15th time I’ve tried to reach you,” even though it was the first time. But I wanted to make contact. The difficulty is not to offend and to understand who is standing in front of you, arrogant or humble, what is their interest.

You are the bulldozer

Elon Musk didn’t just sleep on the floor at the Tesla factory, he knew it would push everyone to invest like him, he’s the bulldozer. I worked at Plus500 for the first year from the corridor, it felt right to me that everyone would come across me and see me.

To make a profit, and no matter what field, we need to feel progress.

If you are studying for a calculus test, in every question you solve, you should feel progress, like a bulldozer moving slowly, constantly feel progress. If there is no progress, you will understand what is holding back the progress.

When the project you are working on is stuck, react and understand what is not working there. Time does not advance things. only you

When we developed the backgammon software, I wanted to see progress every day on the website, the server and everything related to the company. When there was no progress, I went to check what was holding it back. In short, you are the bulldozer, and only you.

row for inspection and “certification of killing”

When I was in high school I noticed an interesting phenomenon, every time I checked the test I took, I always found mistakes. When everyone got up and handed in the form as soon as they finished the test, I spent a few more minutes and checked all the answers, it’s definitely a small effort for a big gain. In math and physics it is relatively easy because you check that the result matches the formulas. I like to use the military phrase “kill certificate” to make the point. Let’s say the test was an hour and a half, I spent another 10 minutes checking the answers. For the most part, this extra test raised my score by 10%, and the time it took was negligible. Come with me 20 years ahead, at Plus500 and in every company I was involved in, I always checked everything.

If they told me that they arranged the email to be in purple, I would verify it – send an email to myself and check that it is purple. By the way, most of the time it was not purple, because “oops” they forgot a comma in the html. It insanely improved the progress of the company as I kept checking. It made others around me constantly check as well. All in all, humans are creatures that like to be aligned with norms, and if the norm is to constantly check that there are no problems, then everyone acts this way, and there is a huge profit. Indeed, when everyone is constantly checking, there is a perfect product. I apply this test – death certificate – in all areas of life, and in the vast majority of times I find that it was worth investing the time to check again.

So the next time you are told that they did what you asked for, check again. It may be that they are not familiar with the ‘certification of killing’ inspection law.

The Fourth Law – “The Law of the Donkey”

Our views should be flexible

Sometimes someone starts talking to me, and I mutter to myself something like “What nonsense, it’s not true, it’s bullshit.” It’s right and healthy to doubt, but many times I say to myself, “Give him a chance to convince you, reset what you’re thinking for a moment , maybe it’s true?”In one out of ten cases it goes to me, and I’m convinced, I check for myself, it’s a huge profit I would have lost, if I was just a donkey. That’s what happened to me when I heard a lecture about “Why do vegetables try to kill you?” I researched and saw that it was true, I gained like crazy, I don’t need to eat more vegetables.

Only a donkey doesn’t change his mind. Without the “donkey law” it is impossible to think freely. Try to change your opinion on things at least once a day. When they say to me “Well, you changed your mind, what is that?” my answer was always “I’m not serious, I received more data and changed my mind.”

Without changing your opinion you cannot make a profit, not all of your opinions are correct as they are today, and without changing your opinion you will not be able to correct them. We are constantly learning.

Activate the “Donkey Law” and change your mind about what you think about people, about fights that were your fault and that you passed the responsibility onto the other. The law says – take responsibility for the incident and change your mind because you are not serious.

For others, the “donkey law” is just as important

It is also very difficult for others to change their minds, so if there is something that everyone was born into and are sure of its truth, it will be very difficult to change their minds. It takes time to internalize and apply the Donkey Law because it’s hard for us to admit a “mistake” and maybe feel stupid, but it’s worth trying, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to explain the “Donkey Law” to other people.

“Doubt” – opinion is not truth

There is no such thing in free thought to regard “he said” as our truth, it is not considered truth, but only an opinion. Even if it’s Maimonides, Einstein or any other flesh and blood person.

I believe in myself and doubt the rest and I’m not serious.

Humans love freedom and thrive in freedom, yet forget to make time for mental freedom because it is so hidden! Therefore, when approaching a certain issue, start from 0 wrong or unfounded assumptions, this is the only way to solve complicated problems, simply – by free thought. When you are told something, think about whether the opposite is also true. Just because everyone does something, does not mean it is true. It just means that everyone does it.

Some are true and some are not

Maimonides was a free thinker from the greats who arose for the Jewish people. He had a fearless mind, and he used science and logic to express his opinion on countless things.

But pay attention, these are only the opinions of a very wise Jew, they are not Sinaitic Torah and they do not bind us as free people and free thinkers. I hope you also doubt what I write here and see it as my personal opinion only. Maimonides wrote , “But it is a reproach to a woman who is always going out, sometimes outside and sometimes in the streets, and the husband must prevent his wife from doing so, and will not allow her to go out except once a month or twice a month as needed.” This is of course his opinion and as far as I’m concerned it’s an opinion that is obviously incorrect and immoral.

Maimonides knew how to separate well between the scientific world and the spiritual world when he called them the act of Genesis and the act of Merkabah. This separation is amazing, and actually separates what is not an opinion from what is an opinion.

There is no human being who only says true things. Usually, when I read a book, I take, at best, 10% of the ideas and at worst – only 1%. This is also the case with people I talk to, most things are not true or distorted. Therefore, don’t dismiss a person because you heard some things that are not true, and on the other hand, don’t take everything someone says as the absolute truth. Don’t be “serious” about everything being true or nothing, usually small parts are true, each issue should be judged on its merits, but it is important to give weight to who the person in front of us is.

Someone told me that ChatGPT is often wrong, it’s true, but its answers are still more correct than the average person’s answers. Each answer should be judged separately with the tools of free thought.

In order for you to benefit from the “harsh law”, do not separate opinion from fact, think for yourself what is true and what is not true and do not let someone take advantage of the fact that you trust him and that you will immediately accept what he says. Think for yourself. Think freely.

Rethink everything

The world is constantly advancing in terms of technology in a way that will allow us to better understand reality, therefore it is necessary to adapt ourselves to the renewing world.

The idea of rethinking basically revolves around challenging our beliefs, norms and principles. It is an intellectual exercise of critically evaluating our assumptions and perspectives, which are often deeply ingrained in us over time, and reshaping them based on new insights, evidence, or perspectives.

In our formative years and upbringing we inherit a certain worldview from our environment, including our families, schools, communities and culture. For example some people may grow up believing that success is linear and defined by promotion, wealth or recognition. However, with the rethinking approach, one can question this traditional view of success and perhaps realize that success can be better defined in personal terms, such as finding a fulfilling job, maintaining healthy relationships, or making a positive contribution to society.

The benefits of rethinking are many. It facilitates personal growth and adaptability and helps us navigate the rapidly evolving world. By questioning our beliefs, we become more open to different perspectives and ideas, cultivating empathy and understanding in our relationships. Professionally, rethinking promotes innovation and problem solving, and motivates us to find new and better ways of doing things.

The ability to rethink also protects us from the pitfalls of cognitive biases. Cognitive biases can distort our perception of reality, cloud our judgment and decision-making. For example, confirmation bias leads us to prefer information that confirms our existing beliefs while ignoring contradictory evidence. If we believe that our hometown is the best place to live, we may focus on its positive aspects while dismissing its shortcomings. Rethinking encourages us to examine such biases critically and adopt a more balanced and informed view.

Take only this

And if you don’t take anything from here, at least take this law which is the essence of free thought – we grew into patterns and laws planted in us by our parents or came from the environment in which we lived without giving it a thought – whether they are true or not – check every opinion or assumption of yours again .

The Fifth Law – “The Law of the Hawk”

What I have seen is a great start to profit

This is the most critical law in any free thought.

Most of the beautiful things I gained from, I just saw them. In 1998 I saw an advertisement on my computer for an online casino, which today is 888, and I was immediately intrigued as to how a casino offers services on the Internet.

Believe what you see and use it for profit!

What we saw, heard or felt cannot be taken from us. Everything you see, hear, feel, smell based on observation, is the truth as far as you are concerned.

It’s your world and it’s yours, you have the freedom to think.

I saw a method

I recently lived with my family for a year in Silicon Valley so that the children could learn English and American culture. When I was 10 years old I lived with my parents for two years in Silicon Valley. This experience gave me a crazy edge in business, and I wanted the same for my kids. This time, as an adult, I saw the American seriousness for business, the advantage of size, culture, manners, immigration and governance that supports the preservation of capital, and then I understood for the first time why stocks of American companies command a premium over companies in the rest of the world. I always thought the American companies were priced high for no reason. This time when I activated the “Hawk Law”, and really saw the USA up close, I deciphered the matter. Indeed, when you look at stock market returns, the US ranks first in the world. And how do I make a profit from it? When I price companies from the US, I give them a premium. Correct pricing is the basis of profit in the stock market.

You can read here how you can profit from the American method in Israel in combination with the “Parrot Law”.

Much more important than studies

Most of the time there is no established research and it is easier to base it on what we see or feel. For example, you see that the Ethiopians are not overweight and live on teff and that the Americans are extremely overweight and live on wheat. No research is needed here, one can directly conclude with more crosses that there is something very bad about wheat compared to the teff.

Many times I come across responses “but there is no research”, it’s true, even Thomas Edison didn’t have research that “should invent electricity”.

Darwin made a career out of this law

In the 1830s, Charles Darwin traveled on the HMS Beagle as a naturalist. His journey took him to many diverse environments, including the unique Galapagos Islands. There he observed related but distinct species, such as turtles and finches, each adapted to its particular island. Intrigued by the variations, he learned more about different species and their environments at home. These observations led him to propose the theory of natural selection, which proposes that species evolve over generations through adaptations beneficial to survival. Thus, Darwin’s keen observational skills played a central role in shaping his understanding of evolution.

Darwin was one of the greatest free thinkers ever.

Trust yourself, even if you are crazy

When you are on the lookout like the hawk, trust yourself.

This is the most important law in free thought. It is your senses that should bring you clues for the next hunt. The sense of sight is the most critical, not just a huge part of our brain is busy deciphering what we see. The beauty of observation is that it is usually unique to you.

What do you see with your eyes? This is where the solution begins. Do you have personal experience with the question or problem? If you are not crazy, it can be assumed that this is the safest thing for you, use what you see, hear, etc.

Attention is a trait of the hawk

The hawk is known for its ability to focus, it focuses attention in one place and does not spread out. This is a feature that we are advised to adopt. The human mind is built so that it can concentrate on one thing at a given time, and when we jump from one thing to another it takes time to get back. The modern world is full of distractions and temptations, but the big winners are those who know how to concentrate. The focus and concentration suit a person by nature. In the nature we came from, there weren’t a thousand distractions, messages and videos. Our attention was often focused on one place, one thing. It has a huge and beneficial effect on our lives, the brain rewards us when we give focused attention and are busy in the present. Attention is actually a form of love.

to see everything from above

The law of the “Hawk” is not only seeing and believing in ourselves, but it is also a view from above that helps us see reality more objectively, and not just from our angle. I already do it naturally, but I have to practice it.

A friend who worked with me was fired, and I did not defend him by firing him. We fought about it, and he didn’t speak to me for several years. One day I thought about the fight with him from above and realized that I had changed my behavior from “protecting him” to “lack of protection”. I immediately called him “the 24 second rule” and asked for forgiveness. We are friends again today.

This is a real example on a personal level, but the big picture is important in everything you do. We have the ability to imagine everything in our head and as if from “above”. Try it both in business and in the things you plan, to see an overview of things in your head, and thus decipher and get interesting insights.

why the hell

When someone says something, try to understand with what desire he says it, where he heard about it and what motivates him to say it, in short always look for a reason and “raise” a level to look at things from above.

In a conversation or debate it is important to get to the real root of the other side’s arguments. We constantly practiced checking the reason for things, most things that happen have a reason. So when you ask why? Practice understanding the reason for things. Not everything has a reason, so you should be careful with that. Sometimes the result is random or unsolvable and sometimes you shouldn’t linger there, but keep moving forward.

But remember that there are things for which we will find the cause, some we will not find, and some we will find it after we have already forgotten that we were even looking.

Being located on a “mountain” gives an advantage

In every placement we look for some advantage. When you study calculus at a high level, you get a mental edge over others. Everything is relative in life.

In order not to work hard our position is critical, in war the position in controlled areas is critical, the same in life. Think of it this way, it is much easier to throw stones from the mountain, you can also see better and it is easier for the stone to fly far, place yourself on a mountain.

An average singer earns NIS 1,000, an average software developer earns NIS 30,000. In order to position yourself well in terms of monthly salary, it is worth standing on a mountain and learning software development. This is just an example of a location.

settle down and earn in “relationships”

After we have come to the conclusion that there is a huge profit, perhaps the biggest of all, in our relationships with friends, parents, children, spouses, relatives, colleagues, etc., it is important to find the simplest way to preserve and develop them.

When you think about a solution through free thought, meaning “the least effort for me for the greatest profit” you come to the conclusion that you need them close. It’s easy for colleagues because you always see them in the office, so it’s important to be in the office.

With friends it’s easier when you live close, and indeed you see that children have the most fun when they live near their friends. In the US, which I praise so much, they did not understand this, and indeed the friendships feel much shallower than the Israelis who live next to each other and there is no need for transportation.

on parents and children

Even parents who want to enjoy (“earn” happiness) from their children when they grow up, the best way is to simply live right next to them. That’s how they used to live. Actually the invention of the car didn’t help us, it just alienated everyone from everyone else. According to the “Lion Law” both our friends and we just want to rest and not work hard, therefore the importance of living close to each other is critical to a good life. Sometimes even a 5 minute drive is too much.

When a bear ran after us

When a bear is running after you and your friend, you just have to run faster than the friend. You don’t have to run faster than the bear. Your location is what matters.

The law says – always think about where you should stand according to the best odds in order to win. Position the “chess board” that is your life, so that you have a good chance to win, your position in life is the most important thing so that you can take advantage of good luck that sometimes comes. Only with thorough work and wisdom do you become lucky.

invest effort in what suits my character

You don’t need to put effort into choosing where to spend time, and that’s the big secret of “location”.

I am impatient in my nature and want everything to happen now. In investments and poker this is a disadvantage because both require a lot of patience. I am aware of that. Therefore both are just a hobby for me and not a profession. On the other hand, impatience is really good for businesses where things are made because it makes me push everyone else with my impatience.

Do things that suit your character and give you an advantage.

Placement in choosing a profession

When choosing a profession, for example, the statistics are very important, for example if the finance professions bring in an average of NIS 20,000 a month and the design professions bring in 4,000 NIS a month, when you choose to study or work in a finance profession, you are already at a better starting point of NIS 20,000. If on average someone who starts a company makes a million shekels a month, that’s even better. The law applies to everything in life, this is an example of money, but it can be applied to health, choosing a partner or sports.

And on the question of how to maximize the chance of making money? Build a plan that will consist of as many good percentages as possible.

Even in food you can “settle down”

Even in nutrition, a good statistical base means being on the right side of the food bet, read about it in free nutrition .

A child who eats food that is suitable for humans, has an advantage over others, it will be easier for him to think, easier to do sports and in short he will have an advantage and a good position over others.

The Sixth Law – “The Law of the Lion”

Adoption is a small effort

The lion wants to rest, not work hard and be comfortable lying in the shade. So are humans, driven by a desire for minimal effort and comfort.

There is no one who does not want to lie in the shade and have everyone work for him. There is one who will not admit it. Yes, people want to work in easy work, in pleasant laziness.

Our thought is also lazy

Like us, our thought also wants minimum effort for maximum profit, the problem is when it wants you to let it.

Our mind doesn’t want to work hard, so we have frames in our head that are complete ideas. We don’t have to think every time about the idea behind something, the thought pulls out the appropriate idea or the appropriate answer. This was very appropriate in the savannah of Africa, because if a zebra wants to strike us, there is not much time to think, an immediate plan of action must be drawn up. In the modern world, this lazy thinking gets us into various problems and mental biases. For example we pull out answers without checking them again, even if there are new facts. We jealously guard our opinions, our thinking is as lazy as we are. The big gain is that the next time you pull out an answer or an opinion, try to rethink it and shout to your brain “Stop being so lazy!”

You will benefit from realizing that everyone acts like a lion, not just you

It is correct to always think in terms of minimal effort for the greatest profit. For example, I realized that I always prefer a plastic plate at home, and now that I was in the middle of this section I also understood why. A plastic plate is light, and I have no desire for a heavy glass plate. There is no sophistication here, only assimilation of the essence of the law. Easy to work with maximum comfort.

This “law of effort” links to the formula of the book “big profit with little effort” because that is what motivated me all these years, probably a little more than others.

Now take this law and benefit from it in business, on a personal level as well as on a state level, assume that people want comfort with little effort. Combine the law of “effort” with habits from the law of the “method” and you got a neutron bomb. For example, I always put a book next to my desk so that it is easy for me to start reading.

With Tesla and Google they make less effort

The Tesla makes us comfortable because we don’t have to go to a gas station to refuel; Amazon makes us comfortable because we don’t have to go to the stores; Netflix makes us comfortable because everything is offered to us without flipping through channels. A quick review of successful businesses shows that they simply provide us with comfort and less effort than the business that preceded them. This book should also make you comfortable, save you my efforts and get ready rules, that’s comfort!

Google allows us minimal effort in searching and accessing information. This method has conquered the world because it is amazingly convenient.

I take what is close to me

If you want the kids to eat an apple, just put it where they are most of the time. You want to read a book, put it next to your bed or where you sit. May the habit begin effortlessly.

Humans, like all creatures, are generally wired to seek efficiency and avoid unnecessary effort – a law sometimes referred to as the “law of least effort.” This tendency apparently developed as a survival mechanism – in environments where resources (such as food) were scarce, our ancestors were required to satisfy their needs while expending as little energy as possible. In this way, they can save energy for critical functions such as maintaining body temperature or helping the body heal injuries.

The modern world wants to rest

In the modern world this law translates into a preference for solutions that make our lives easier or more efficient. We appreciate technologies, services and products that save us time and effort because they free us to focus on other things that are important to us like spending time with loved ones or pursuing hobbies.

The feature of the lion that you will take with you

The lion depends mainly on himself, no one, except man, can hunt him. He is responsible for his own destiny in his own actions. We are also responsible for ourselves. Of course this requires a balance because it is nice to depend on others, but in the most important things you should depend on yourself and not on the mercy of other people. You have to work to get there.

The Seventh Law – “The Parrot Law”

Don’t just copy, it’s better to improve

There is little effort and huge profit in copying the successful, the beautiful, the survivors.

Copying and improving existing successful ideas and things is in most cases better than reinventing the wheel. Think you want to build a house, of course it’s wisest to go to houses you like and copy the good elements.

Of course, it is necessary to identify who is successful in the field and who is less so. Stick to the successful like glue and study exactly what makes them successful. That’s what I did at Plus500 and in all the companies I was involved in.

The parrot is known to imitate others. We will also benefit from imitation, but not from imitating someone who is not successful, but we will copy from the successful ones and improve them.

When you take something and improve it, it is yours from that moment, and the profit comes to you. Think that you copied from the most successful company for selling shoes, how they present the shoes, it can save you years of experiences.

More important is what not to copy

A critical part of the “parrot law” is knowing what not to copy. Maybe even more important than “yes to copy”. And sometimes it is important to investigate the “unsuccessful”.

For example, if you come across someone who is “bankrupt”, find out what caused him to get to this situation. Many times it’s because of a partner or just what they didn’t expect or arrogance. I’m also always interested in those who didn’t succeed, and those who did – what’s not successful about them. That is, the “parrot law” is dual – there is a crazy profit to copy the unsuccessful, it saves time and work. From a probabilistic point of view it works, it is legal and much smarter than inventing something new.

This is exactly how we built Plus500, we saw a good business model in a company in London, we built a similar one and improved it. From all walks of life, this is a critical tool, when you see someone successful, it’s worth understanding how they did it. When you see a successful service, it’s worth copying and improving it for a new company. The chances of success increase as you practice and improve.

“Evolution” copies and improves

Evolution also works in the same way. She created man from ashes. Copied creatures, the copied and improved ones survive, the rest disappear. That’s how nature works. If there is a trait that causes death, it will usually not be passed on to the next generation.

The Eighth Law – “The Spiral Law”

It is not possible to come out with the product, service or personal ability you want in the first blow. It just doesn’t work that way. In the spiral law we imitate evolution with slow and continuous changes.

Try, get feedback, improve, try again and so on. The processes in our brain work exactly like this. This is how, for example, we learn to walk.

This law is so important, and I will expand on its name in the next paragraph.

Names that explain the law

“Iteratively” – from the intention to do something repeatedly with the intention of achieving improvement or progress.

“In cyclical progress” – refers to a continuous process in which each cycle builds on the previous one, similar to the expanding circles of a spiral.

“In a progressive loop” – this term can be used to suggest a process that keeps returning to its starting point, but each time at a more advanced level.

“In an incremental cycle” – this phrase suggests that each cycle or round gradually adds to what was achieved before.

“In gradual escalation” – this expression can denote a process in which each step or cycle brings things to a higher level or intensity, similar to the increasing radius of a spiral.

“In an expanding circle” – this indicates that each ‘circle’ or cycle of the process is larger or more advanced than the previous one, similar to increasing circles in a spiral.

I have always used a spiral

In everything I did I always used this important tool. It solves two difficulties in starting a new project: one, it draws you and the team into the project because there is something tangible; And the second, it starts the most important cycle of feedback, building, feedback, building which is a process that simulates evolution itself.

Google also started with a small line of code.

Start the task with something small that you can be impressed by, something that will excite you and make it difficult for you to disengage from the task.

Define for yourself to always finish tasks, big or small, in at least one round of the spiral. Setting yourself a task and doing it partially is a bit like lying to yourself. Small tasks are critical because from them we get used to finishing and enjoying the finish. Tasks you received and said you would do – do them. Don’t lie to others or to yourself because it has a huge impact on how your life will look. You can practice it in daily tasks that you write down for yourself – just make sure that they are all done.

Mind you, losing people will usually have an excuse why not. Do yourself a favor, be winners, not losers.

Take the first step in the spiral

‘Paddle to touch’ or ‘the first step’ is critical in the Spiral Law. It is harder for us to stop something than to start it. Therefore there is a great advantage in starting something, even if it is a small step. That is, in any of our goals, to begin to understand what is in front of us by taking an initial action that will give us more information or allow us to understand the path, and sometimes following the additional information from experience, we will decide to simply give up. If I wanted to know if psychology could suit me as a profession, I would take a “first step” or “strive for contact” by reading a book written by a famous psychologist. This will help me understand the subject better and also understand if it suits me.

Striving for contact, according to the IDF definition, is carried out when a force that is prepared for combat, in an ambush or on the move, detects an enemy, narrows the range and attacks him. Bottom line, I’m in a situation where I can watch, see or hear the enemy and then I have to deal with him.

In the Israeli army it has great significance in the war against terrorists and terrorists. I can understand the basis for this and the advantage this principle gives is that if the enemy knows you are going to attack them, they will go into escape mode. The enemy understands that the Israeli soldier is determined until the last moment.

Issuing with “The First Step”

I promoted the Plus500 IPO with “The First Step”. I sent a talented but inexperienced accountant to knock on doors in London, to “row in contact”. The first and second banks rejected us, but through them we reached other banks. In the end we succeeded because we pushed for contact, even though we were inexperienced. For any problem or need – it’s worth reaching out.

There was an argument that it is not worth making fake money in a trading app. Instead of going around the problem, we simply defined two groups and examined which of them the company has more profit – when there is no option at all or when there is an option for virtual money. We received a clear answer that there is a financial advantage to giving an option for virtual money as well. We tackled the problem.

The Ninth Law – “The Law of the Ant”

What you are reading here is my attempt to create a “method” from the way I did it. A method that maybe if you use it with the “parrot” law, he will be happy here at all.

An ant is not a smart creature, but with the help of a method it produces smart things. An ant is known to have a highly organized and systematic system for various aspects of its life. Ants profit madly from method, and so I hope you will too.

Look for the method for everything

Sometimes order and organization alone – help solve complicated problems. The success of the United States is built on this. Order begins in the USA in power, three authorities in a nice separation.

To think and plan we need order and organization. That’s the essence of gay couples – to plan moves forward. To plan we need to know what to arrange and what to organize. Teach yourself to simplify and organize all the time, otherwise things get complicated and messy.

First put an aesthetic order around you and in your home, then put all your tasks in order. You can’t do great things without order.

Without an investment of energy things will not happen and will go and get messy. And if we don’t simplify them – they will get tangled up.

Even in the small things – a method I established regarding washing the glasses at home, we wrote names on the glasses and defined that everyone is only responsible for his own glass, only he uses it and he also washes it. Before that, the children would take out 30 cups a day. Today 0. This is an example of a big profit (you don’t wash 30 glasses a day) with little effort (I once wrote the names on the glasses).

While studying at the Technion, I also did a method from the studies. Before each test – three days of study, from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, and always start by solving previous tests. It’s a method that worked because I didn’t have to ask too many questions. Of course, sometimes you need exceptions.

The same methods I applied at Plus500, but upgraded – we brought in people to build methods. We made sure that every action had a method.


Order helps the intelligence to work correctly because the information is easily accessible.

As a private person, so that our tasks are organized, and yes, even if you are a business – it always pays to hire people to arrange the numbers and other things.

It’s not just that the richest countries in the world are also the most orderly in the world: Nordics, Canada and the USA. The same is true for business companies and armies. Order gives strength.

One of the sub-tools of order is habit, the most critical tools. Habits build character and change who you are little by little, when you do the same thing many times, it’s a method.

A habit is a method

Regular habits are the only way to move forward in small steps. The only way to succeed is to move forward in small steps. Therefore, as in the psychometric question – the only way to succeed is through regular habits. That is, regular habits are the only way to improve the index of prosperity in your life that I call success.

A habit is basically repeating something many times and when it’s something that contributes to your profit, it’s really good.

The method is to treat the problem

Treating the problem is much more important than treating the symptom. Even in personal life when your child doesn’t clear his plate, and also in business. Most of the time we treat the symptom because the problem is hidden.

When you do the same thing many times, it’s a method. The problem is the problem, not the symptom.

Jeff Bezos, who built the company that changed the way people shop, said this powerful sentence: “You don’t fix the symptom, you fix the problem that caused the symptom – and this is the secret of Amazon’s success in the last 20 years” ( 12:3 3 on this YouTube ). Later in the video, at minute 29:30, Bezos tells why you should travel in space and bring minerals. Well, he is not right in everything either, and one must always doubt. By exercising free thought, we realize that it is better to protect our planet than to look for minerals in other planets. A mistake that Elon Musk also makes with the vision of spaceX. Most of the time, we are not at all aware that a method is behind our actions.

Look for the right method for the long term and not a temporary solution.

This method is not intelligence

The ant is a pretty stupid creature, but because of the use of methods to manage all the ants, they become a very smart mechanism.

Many times people confuse method with intelligence. Einstein found a unique way of thinking through thought experiments. He argued that method is just as important as general intelligence. In businesses and companies it can be seen that even a method invented many years ago can make the business prosper for years. In everything you do there is a method hidden which is the reason why you do it. The question is – is this the right method? A method is better than guessing and it increases the chance of the right action instead of relying on luck.

When looking for a solution to a mess at home, you must first understand why it is messy instead of looking for who will fix it.

Examples of methods and not innate talent: the way Messi dribbles the ball, the way of government in Israel, the way you greet someone you meet, the way you think about issues, the way of free thinking is actually a way of thinking.

Singing beautifully is a method and not genes, anyone can sing with training using the right method.

An example of the largest method in the world

The USA today is the most powerful empire in the world. The greatness of the USA is the system of life in the USA, the system of government in the USA has allowed the USA to prosper over the years. The USA does not have the smartest or greatest people, but the system in the USA makes people work correctly and smartly and this is the common good.

Everything in the US is developed for a method that repeats itself over and over again, this is part of their greatness.