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Hope is not a strategy!

“Free Thought” is not a political organization and does not come to promote political, social or ecological agendas of any kind. In fact, at the end of the day it is a business idea that, if we implement it, we will all benefit financially.
Our tendency as humans and as a society in general is to look for and prefer small changes, which require a minimum of energy and effort from us but which produce a huge and significant effect, a kind of “magic solutions” if you will.

Through free thought, these “magic solutions” can be found, and perhaps even more easily than we think, but for this purpose it is necessary to apply new opinions, new ideas, a mental change of things that seem to us to be obvious and “trivial”, and this is where the difficulty arises. Most people find it difficult to accept new opinions and even more difficult to apply them.

Most of the things that are written I have tried myself and they are written from experience and of course when science connects with logic there is the spark of free thought.
On a normal day, there’s a good chance you’ll find me: reading non-fiction books, the Wall Street Journal, The Marker, Yediot Ahronoth, Haaretz newspaper, swimming in the sea or pool, getting up at 4 in the morning, running, walking in nature, kite surfing, playing poker, enjoying the order around me , puts on a tefillin, eats meat, looks for and checks interesting investments in the stock market, learns from you, tries to win at something, thinks freely and also thinks about how to develop freedom of thought in others. for a better life.


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How did I come to these insights?

Through reading books, free-thinking and thoroughness.

Why am I dealing with this?

I believe that passing on knowledge and insights can only do good. By the way, this is also my interpretation of Tanach (and you can read about it in one of the chapters here..)

Why am I publishing this?

As I mentioned, I came to these insights from the information of others and it seems to me only fair to publish to others what I have concluded.

Is it just theory without application?

Yes, at the moment everything is at the level of theory.

Who am I?

I am an Israeli electrical engineer from the Technion, founder of Plus 500, and a value investor.

To order lectures about the project, please feel free to contact : joni@freethinking.org

For questions or help feel free to contact me at alon@freethinking.org