Free Religion

כִּי-זֶה ממש לא כָּל-הָאָדָם

Religion unites the Jews in the country around common tradition and values. But she does something else that is unforgivable. She distorts reality for people. All religions in the world do this. Even if the story is repeated a thousand times it does not make it true.

What religion would undergo a “Randomized Double Blind Placebo Trial”?

I believe in nature’s god. I believe what I see and can understand. This is the idea of free thought. That way they don’t fool us. Everything is checked and verified, sometimes by thought experiments. Evolution created man by natural selection, you see it everywhere, don’t believe anything else.

In medicine, the only experiment that should be considered is an experiment of the following type:

“double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial”

In Hebrew, the translation of this comes out a bit strange, but it sounds like this “randomized double blind placebo experiment”.

The term “double blind” in the context of clinical trials refers to a research design in which neither the participants nor the researchers know who is receiving the active treatment and who is receiving a placebo. This definition is intended to prevent bias in the results, which can occur when participants or researchers are aware of who is receiving which treatment.

Here’s why each level of blindness matters:

Blinding participants prevents subjects from knowing their treatment, which helps avoid placebo effects or changes in behavior based on their expectations of receiving treatment.

Researcher blinding prevents the researchers interacting with the participants or evaluating the results from knowing who received which treatment. This helps ensure that researchers’ expectations or hopes about the results of the study do not influence their observations or decisions about data collection and interpretation.

Double-blind studies are essential to maintain the integrity of data in clinical trials, especially in evaluating the efficacy and safety of new drugs, treatments, or medical devices. They help ensure that research results are due to the treatment itself and not external biases. If in our lives we treat life-saving drugs only by such an experiment, then why do we put a religion on ourselves without checking if it even works or is correct? The answer to this is quite simple; Religion works on man, it does not work in reality. There is something in the way we are built that helps religion work on us, a higher power gives us meaning in life and therefore it is a kind of people’s bug or rather they grow into it but with free thinking we remove these shackles.

The biggest question in Judaism

The biggest question in Judaism is not “Is a giraffe kosher?” The biggest question is the question “Is nature God?”

When I search for the answer with the help of free thought, I first try my logic. The logic that activates the conscience, says that it makes sense that every adult should be free to decide for himself how to behave, as long as he is within the law. And it’s also really nice that everyone interprets for themselves how to drive.

In my search for the answer, I looked in the Bible and indeed found the answer there, it was not said in Adam’s name.

Job Chapter 2

ויהוהי אחש֨ר יהוה את דבר֥ים הא֖לה אלי֑וב ויֹ֨אמר הו֜ה אליפא֣ז הפֵֽימנִי קרא אפִי בק֙ וביַנ֣י רְ֔יק קים עְ֣ף God is right

Genesis 27

And God created man

One of the most important sentences in the entire Bible.

Job did not receive what was decreed to him, he asked questions and used his free thought against his fellow men, but he was told that it is forbidden to ask questions and that justice always exists.

Job consulted his neighbors just as we can consult a rabbi or any other person, but the logic should be ours.

Job’s three wives had to make sacrifices to avoid punishment for telling Job to accept everything without asking questions. The verdict is that Job was right and his companions were wrong.

In Genesis it is written twice that we were created in the image of God, and the conclusion is that just as God has the ability to think beautifully, so do we, man, and it is allowed and desired to use it.

That is, it is right to use our logic, not to take everything for granted, to be free in thoughts, to go with our truth and win. Job won.

Job asks that they listen to him, to his logic, and thus says in chapter 12:

b They are true, because you are a people; And with you, a wise death.

3 I also have a heart, like yours–I do not fall away from you; And there is nothing like these.

4 Play for his neighbor, I will call to God, and he will answer; Worn out, innocent righteous.

Eliphaz tells Job not to think freely, but to listen to the sages because “to them alone, the earth was given”:

1 And Eliphaz the Yemenite answered; And he said.

In the wise, understanding and spirit will answer; And he filled his belly.

3 He proves a thing, he will not be put in danger; And words, it will not be useful in them.

D af-ata, tefer yroa; And the conversation will be delayed, before God.

Because your iniquity will be tamed by your mouth; And choose, for naked tongues.

And I will inherit your mouth and not me; And your lips will answer you.

7 The first man, be born; And in front of the hills you are sick.

H. The secret of God, you will hear; And wisdom will come to you.

9 What did you know, and we did not know; Understand, and he is not with us.

Y Gam-Sav Gam-Yeshis Son – Greater than your fathers days.

O the least of you, give thanks to God; And speak, let it be with you.

12 What will your heart take you; And what will your eyes see.

13 Because you will return to the God of your spirit; And you took out of your mouth a saliva.

Yad mah-anosh because he will win; And to be right, born of a woman.

If they are holy, he will not believe; And the heavens, they did not win in his eyes.

16 AF, because we will be abhorred and enraged; A man who drinks like water.

17 Listen to me; And this is my front, and I counted.

18 What the wise will say; And they did not die, from their fathers.

19 To them alone, the land was given; And no stranger has passed among you.

The trumpet of Naamath tells Job that he has no chance of understanding divine logic or how the world works.

7 Seek God and you will find; If it’s up to you, you’ll find it.

8 High heavens, what will you do? A deep question, what do you know?

9 It is longer than the land of Meda; And wide, many seas.

Then the sentence appears – who is right and what is the spirit of the Bible:

And it came to pass, after Yahweh spoke these words to Job; And Yahweh said to Eliphaz the Yemenite, My heart is bitter against you and between your people – because you have not spoken to me truthfully, like Job’s servant.

The conclusion in free thought is that the plain and simple wins, the fluff for the sophisticated. It is right to go with our truth, ask questions and give answers, listen, read and finally decide for ourselves, win and earn. Job won.

The sour cream is much more than sour cream

Why is there so much leaven in the Bible?

The term “leaven” appears in the Bible many times, so it seems to be of great importance. Indeed, leavening bread has great health importance. If I had to bet what the thing that most affects public health in the world, I would say eating leavened bread. Wheat causes obesity in a large part of the world’s population and a host of diseases. Consumption of unfermented wheat, consumption of wheat at almost every meal together with genetic modification to increase yield causes enormous damage to people’s health. But let’s go back to the sour test.

This is what is written in the Bible

שבְ֣ת ימ֔ים חւר ל֥א יִמָּ֖א בְּיקֶ֑מ קִ֣י כׇלַחֵ֣ל מחְטֹע הְפפש הְה֙ מֵד֣ת יַּזְר֥ח the country

And they baked the bread that they brought out of Egypt He didn’t do it to them.

From the “inversion” tools of free thought, one easily understands that the rest of the year they did miss. This is a very important detail. The ancients all year missed the bread!

I asked a wise and special rabbi

I asked a rabbi if it is permissible to eat leavened Tef bread on Pesach.

This is the question, “Question” is one of the ten principles of free thought , it is unique and opens the door to examining an important matter.

He answered me that it is allowed because chametz on Pesach only concerns wheat.

But when I read the Bible, it is clear that the main point of not eating chametz on Passover is to simulate the haste of the Israelites in eating bread when they left Egypt. And no matter what kind of bread a Jewish person is used to eating, it seems logical according to a free thought that on Passover he would not miss the bread to symbolize the haste of the Israelites. Here in the rabbi’s answer I understood that his Judaism is not my Judaism, but as part of the spirit of the Bible I accept that we are all Jews, this is his interpretation.

I told him that today all breads in Israel are made without leavening, except for isolated ones, so on Passover you can eat any bread, beasley, borax because the dough is neither leavened nor sour.

This surprised him, and after a second he replied that it is enough that the dough is outside for a few seconds, it is considered leaven.

Of course, in my interpretation this is not a miss. Missing is not a matter of a few seconds, but at least a day or two. After all, even matzah dough is left outside for a few seconds before the oven. This is pretty much the end of the interesting part of the conversation, after I made a surprised face. But yes, I realized that the world and I disagree on many things, not just me and the rabbi.

Bluff or not, where are the Ministry of Health and the experts?

The definition of chametz is Israel Bluff. The Ministry of Health does not at all understand what sour cream does or does not do and also what sour cream is.

Bread is not leaven and kosher on Passover. I’m not a baker, a biologist, a bacteriologist or a professor, but in free thought I think I’ve come up with the story closest to reality.

The truth is sour

All the normal breads baked in Israel are not leavened because they were not leavened, and paradoxically, they can be eaten on Passover. The Israelites and other ancients skipped grains in order to have more nutrients for their bodies, and not just because they felt like it. They missed dough because they were probably more sensitive than us to their bodies and because they wanted to preserve the bread for longer. It is also possible that they were more sensitive to wheat than we are because they have undergone less natural selection. After all, another 3,000 years have passed since then. In addition, today there are medicines for stomach aches and health problems. They used sourdough, which is actually flour and soaked water, which, when added to the bread preparation, helps break down the toxins from the wheat husk and better absorb the vitamins from the grain. This healthy custom has passed from the world, and industrial yeast is added to bread today, but this does not simulate the action of the bacteria in leavening. This is my free truth.

And your profit from free thought? Without profit there is no free thought, because profit is a tremendous motive to think freely, without profit we are just thinkers. Boring. Your profit is if you only eat leavened breads, you will be healthier, there is no greater profit than that. And also the Ethiopians who eat pickled tef all year round, yes, you heard that right, pickled tef all year round, they are one of the thinnest nations in the world, and I know this from watching it is one of the principles for free thought.

Does free thought contradict the Bible?

Usually, “free thought” is mentioned in the context of contradicting religious beliefs and criticizing the religious establishment. If so, how can a person think freely and at the same time observe Shabbat? Or kosher food? Or pray to God? Just because there is a commandment from the Torah? The answer to this is that when you exercise free thought you come to the conclusion that there is a higher power, and when you read what is written in the Bible you find that it is the only document that pushes us to values and unites us. I personally would probably not act for the common good without faith. The good is nature and the natural, as it is written: “Our days are new as before.”

For further reading, you will find here beautiful sentences from the Bible .

The spirit of the Bible

In my opinion, the “higher intention” or the “spirit of the Bible” is more important than a single sentence or a single interpretation this or that because in the end there are contradictions in the Bible. In the spirit of the Bible, this does not mean mitzvot grammars, most of which are not written in the Torah.

There are rules that society should generally believe in, such as don’t kill, don’t steal and don’t lie – they surely make our lives better. And there are rules that are more specific commandments that sharpen the faith and some of them are rightly explained that “we are different from the Gentiles”, such as tattoo inscriptions.

Thus the appearance of a repentant – tassels, wigs, black clothes – is not the most important thing, but his actions. “And because I desired grace, and not sacrifice; And the knowledge of God, from above. 23 For if this is the case, I commanded them to say, listen to my voice – and I will be your God, and you will be my people; And you shall go in all the way that I command you, for it will be good for you.” A good sacrifice, to listen to the milk of rams.” “Ya-17 Why do you offer me the majority of your sacrifices, says Jehovah, I am seven bulls of rams and milk of sheep; And the blood of cattle and sheep and blood, I did not desire…”

The “sacrifice” symbolizes the so-called small mitzvahs, and from this it can be understood that the great intentions and great actions are the important ones. The book of Job summarizes the entire Bible in a wonderful way, it is recommended to read Ofer Burin ‘s commentaries while reading the book itself.

Wisdom is the spirit of the Bible, and the way to achieve it is education and especially science and English studies. The spirit of the Bible is about integrity and loving people.

The good permeates, and so does the bad

One of the ideas found in the Bible is that when good people are in key positions and in power, more good people join, and when there are less good people – it permeates the entire system. This principle also works in business, which is why the process of filtering people is so important and of course it is important that the best are at the top.

The basic principle in Judaism – that it would be much better for everyone, if everyone cared a little for others – should be firmly rooted in the education system and religious institutions.

Examples of the importance of smart and decent governance:

Proverbs, power

ב בְפ֣שֽׁע א֭רצ רבִ֣ים שְ֑יה ובְד֥ם מֵב֥ין יֹ Ἄδλωνδ֗עַ קֵּ֣ן ֽאֽרֽיךְ׃

ה אנשי-ר֭ע לֽא-יבִ֣ינו משפָּ֑ט ומבקְשֵ֥י יְ Ἄδλς הו֗ה יב֥ינו גּֽל׃


פו אֽרי-נ֭הם וְד֣ב שֵ֑ק מָּ֥ל רָ ἝἝσὸַ֗ע עַ֣ל עַמ-דָּֽל׃

קח בק֣ום ר֭שַעִים יַָּ֣ר אָ֑מ וּדוּסבְבְד֗מ ירב֥ו צדיקיֽים׃

Proverbs, xix

א אִ֣יש תֽ֭וקחחות מקְשה-אֹ֑רִפ פּ֥תַע יִ ἐἝσῥֵָּׁ֗ר וְא֣ין רמֵּֽא׃

In the multitude of the righteous, the people will rejoice; And in an evil parable, Jonah will rest with a people.

D מ֗לךְ ב֭מִשְפָּת יֽעֲמִ֣יד ֑֑רֶ׃ וִ֖יש תְרומ֣וֹת יֶֽהְֽסֽנָּ׃

12 Mo᭭של מקְׁ֣יב על-דבר-שָב֑קר קָּֽל-מַשְר֥֥יו רשִֽים:

18 When there is no vision, a people will riot; And he who keeps the Torah is blessed.

כור֭בים מבקשי֣ים פני-מושׁ֑ל ו ጝጝμήֽיהוּה משפעט-איֽיש׃


Religion unites

Israel is the state of the Jews, and religion is the basis and the way to unite us Israelis around a common goal and path. This means that it is important to have a religious institution that preserves the spirit of the Bible as an educational and not governmental institution, in a way that allows every person in Israel to act as they wish as long as there is no harm to others.

Every resident will learn about Judaism

Bible and Judaism studies in all schools are important for unification and the creation of one common Israeli language.

Religion is a special way of maintaining tradition and values, such as modesty, giving, truth and justice. Core studies – education – sports and nutrition should be rooted in all schools in Israel. Such a move would be good for the variety of currents and cultures in Israel and would be another element that brings together and unites the various groups in the education system. Core studies align well with the spirit of the Bible, for example Proverbs chapter 4 “A wise head, buy wisely; There is no dispute that core studies impart wisdom.

In one association to which I am a donor, there was a debate as to whether the first year of school would be religious or not, meaning the obligation to wear white skirts and a white cap. The dilemma was accompanied by a stormy discussion in the association’s executive committee because we feared that some of the association’s volunteers would leave if it was decided to have a religious cycle that goes against their principles of religious freedom. But in the end when we asked ourselves what is the basis of this clothing obligation, we came to the conclusion that it has two benefits for the students: one, discipline and the other – modesty.

So it’s not terrible and it even has advantages, and we decided not to cancel or postpone the program and the establishment of the school because of the religious issue. After the volunteer executive committee heard these explanations, they supported the plan and even pledged to invest even more to realize it.

Saturday in Israel

Shabbat has a religious and sacred importance, but it is also a day of rest for workers, a family day and a day that allows meetings and movement in the country. Everyone observes Shabbat in a different way, so keeping Shabbat should be allowed without harming religious or secular people.

The IDF is well run from a religious point of view and provides an adequate response to all the populations that serve in it and is a good place to connect all currents in one place. Those who serve in it should receive generous benefits after their release.

A bad or good example?

The State of Israel should set an example for other nations on how to run a country. The phrase “Light for the Gentiles” is a beautiful summary of the goal and dream of the people of Israel – to excel, to be an example and model for other nations and a source of national pride for us. אני֧י יהוה קְ֥יקָֽ בצ֖דק ואחְפ֣ק ביד֑ךָ וְאֶטָרָ֗ לבְּיט ע֖ם לא֥ור גִיֽמ. “A good way to achieve significant achievements is to allow intelligent (not necessarily Jewish) immigration to the State of Israel and to create a place that allows good and educated people to explore, invent and develop all their ideas here in Israel. On smart immigration in the Free Thought project .

Click here for a popular interpretation of the entire Bible.

Making the Bible accessible to everyone

The Bible is written in an ancient language, which makes it difficult to understand what is written in it. Often, even the interpretations are not clear. Values, stories and human spirit are embodied in the Torah, which I think even absolute secularists can benefit from.

A project that makes the Bible accessible and that I support is Otsar Torah . Behind him stands a diligent, humble and wise man who interpreted the entire Bible in popular terms that can be understood. He is of course helped by various commentators. There are also books of his interpretations.

The greatest sin of all

“And I did not make a covenant with the Jews, and I did not hear their altars גר֥ש אותָ֖ם מִפּנִיקִ֑ם וְהי֤ו לקֶמ֙ לצִּים וּ֣הֵיהִם יְה֥ו לְק֖ם למוקֽש’. [Insert the story of the covenant and punishment]. History shows that two nations cannot sit together without war or pogroms. At the time of the Bible they understood this (even if late). It is very strange that Israel’s leaders in recent Israeli wars did not learn from history. There are humane ways both in war (easier) and in peace (more difficult) to separate nations.

about jealousy

There is a lot of preoccupation with punishing the wicked that stems from the bias of jealousy. It is much healthier and better to deal with the wages of the good ones.

An example of jealousy in Job chapter 11, 12-14:

ע קִּ֤י מֽה-חפצְ֣ו בבִיֹ֣ו אֽקֲר֑֑יו ומִסִּ֤֖ר הֳדָשָׁ֣יו ֻצָֽךו׃


גגג ז֗ה י֭מות בְ֣צם תֻמ֑וֹ קֻּ Ἄδṝλּ֗ו שלאנ֥ן ושּלֽיו׃

עד ע֭טיניו מָֽלְא֣ו חָל֑ב וֹמ֖חַ עְַמותָ֣יו ְשַֽׁה׃

An example of comparing yourself and not others in Psalms chapter 4, 15:

ס֣וּר מֵ֭רְע וַעַׂ-ט֑וֹב בַּּ֖ש שָּ֖וֹם וְרְדְפֽהו.

the integrity of the land

There is such a strong belief of a large part of the public in the integrity of the Land of Israel. I wish there was the same value for the perfection of Israel in the sense of maintaining the beauty of Israel and the cleanliness of Israel. In my opinion, the spirit of the Bible is to preserve the beauty of the land: forests, the cleanliness of the cities, the beaches, the sea water, and the like, no less than its geographical integrity. Taking care of the beauty of Israel and preserving the landscapes is easy compared to other things, but a large part of the traditional public was born with the assumption that the integrity of Israel in a geographical sense is the most important thing in the world.

Kosher is our way of knowing that the food we eat has been tested and is also our way of respecting the food that nourishes our bodies, the earth, the animals and every substance that nourishes us. In the large food industry, animal cruelty laws were pushed aside because of the industrialization of the movement, without considering this important law.

Examples of kosher problems related to animal cruelty:

  • Chickens that are confined in a small cage their whole lives and fattened to fatness in conditions of overcrowding, violence and death every day cannot be kosher.
  • A cow lives in a barn in the feces of herself and other cows, whose baby was taken from her as soon as he was born before he had time to nurse once from his mother and she cries for him for weeks, suffers from continuous inflammation of the teats that are full of milk and hurts her all the time, unable to go out into the meadow, into nature, and receives only food Industrialized and dry instead of licking green and fresh grass – this cow is prey.
  • “And you will sit in your arms and eat and eat” (Deuteronomy 11:15). Today the cows and sheep are not given grass, but grains, such as corn, soybeans and types of barley as a mixture to fatten them up. This is of course contrary to nature where the cows eat grass and contrary to what is said in the verse in the book of Deuteronomy according to which God gave the animals grass to eat, and thus we can abstain from eating the animal. What’s nice is that grass is the healthiest food for animals, and it’s healthier for us to eat animals that ate grass and not animals that ate a mixture.

the afterlife

“The next world” and “redemption” – we do not know what is in the next world, no one has returned from there to tell us, and the testimonies from people who have experienced clinical death do not prove anything either. The world to come and redemption are more of a parable than a belief in something real, and as we always do with free thought – we should treat them as such and not hang hope and actions on unfounded promises.

do not mix

Do not mix and maintain uniformity – אֽת-קוֹּי֮ תִּשוֹּי֮ תִּשְּו֒ בְּמְץ֙ לֽא-טרבִ֣יא כֽלאִים ֖לֽא-טיזְר֣ע קִּל֑יִים וב֤גד קִּאִיִים֙ שֽׁעטְנ֔ז לֽאל ֶ֖ה עָלֶֽיקָ׃ The spirit of the Bible is not to mix many things together and this is especially true also: in construction and food. There is no uniformity in construction in Israel and in every neighborhood there are hundreds of types of houses. This damages the view and the construction costs of each house. In unhealthy food, mixing many types of food together: carbohydrates with proteins or fats. In general, it is important to maintain uniformity and cleanliness, and it seems to me that this is the poet’s intention here.

Justice justice will be pursued, but how?

A sparkling legal system is a supreme value in the Bible. The word justice appears in dozens of places. “Pursue righteousness, that you may live and inherit the land that Jehovah your God is giving you,” “Judge the poor and the orphan, and do justice.” . It is very easy to improve systems when there is technology (which is not used) and a conceptually fixed system (which is afraid of changes). It’s just like a white man met Indians in America. In changing the legal system in the Land of Israel, I wonder where the believing people are? Do they not see the trampling of justice in changing the selection of judges or do they ignore the spirit of the Bible. where are they

“Restore our judges as at first, and counsel us as at the beginning, and take away from us sorrow and sighing, and reign over us, O Lord, with grace and mercy, and do us justice.” judgment “Blessed are you, O Lord, a king who loves justice and judgment.” Nature created us. So the beautiful request here is actually to return to the rule of nature. It makes a lot of sense.

The payment for preserving Judaism

As in the time of the Bible, there should be a group that would teach the people the Torah and customs. Today they are completely cut off from the people and live within themselves.

I have to do it. I have a good time. לקֵ֖ר אל-נפָֽטיקֽם׃ 16 And for the ֣צפַפַפִּפִרָים מֵעִי יַראִל וְַּתָּ֣ אַלָ֖ת ֣הֶל moֵ֑ד וִה֩ לבִנִי יְשְׂא֤ל לזיקְר֙ לְפְ֣י ְהו֔ה לקֵּ֖ר אל-נפשֽֽטיקֽקֽ

We need to build a mechanism in Israel to support the part that will preserve the “spirit of the Bible” in the country and the people. It should be a mechanism that does not coerce, but only educates, and this to avoid a conflict of interest.

Is there or isn’t there?

Another question please

The question in this case is completely different. The question is whether the way and the spirit of the Bible are good for the Jewish people. When you look at the values of the Bible and the stories of the Bible, in my opinion the answer is completely clear and it is a huge yes. The Bible brought us to the Land of Israel and kept us from mixing among the nations. The idea of helping the weak, being a good person and pursuing justice is true for every era. I believe that everyone should decide for themselves what they believe or what they don’t. I don’t want to convince you that there is a God just because I believe.

When I see nature, it is clear to me that it is far beyond something random or beyond just the best way to store energy as many physicists claim, there is something much bigger than that here.

the boy asks

My children ask “If there is, how can there be sick children and disasters in our world?” I changed the “question” with free thought, which is an important tool, to be worded like this: “Why is there death in the world?”

The answer to this is simple, and is exactly what free thought comes to show, our destiny is in our hands. We were created in the image, meaning that this is a hint that like us, no one wants to be involved all the time, think of being told “These are the laws of nature, get along with them, and I will intervene only when I’m really needed.” We are responsible for how our world looks, there are the laws of nature that science helps to understand .

For example, if you were to build a computer simulation of human-like creatures, you would build them in your image and you would not interfere all the time. Every once in a while you would eliminate some terrible character, maybe that’s what happens here.

The best of death

Death is not necessarily a bad thing, when you apply a free thought to “death” you realize that a world without death is a terrible world. The old must give way to the new. Create a world where nothing dies, it’s a terrible world. Nature is wonderfully cyclical. My son asked “So what happens to us after we die?”

My wife looked at me with an angry look, but I told her that it was better for him to know my opinion.

I told him “everything alive eventually dies, and that’s good, it returns to dust or nothing…”

He smiled and said “Then I will be dust in the end!”

I smiled back, and my wife got upset.


19 ראשיׁ֖יט בִּקְרִי֙ ADמ֣תְק֔ תָּב֕יא בֵ֖יט יהו֣ה ֱלֶ֑יק לֽא-פבַּּ֥ל גדי בַּלֵ֥ב ימֽו׃

9 Go to God, and take good deeds, and do good deeds to your children, as a loving man.

It seems that goats and their products are found in a large part of the Bible stories, but they completely disappeared from Israel. You can’t find goat meat, and most of the milk and yogurt sold is cow’s.

Science shows that the goat’s milk and its meat are more suitable for humans than cow’s milk, and also logically, goats are easier to raise. There is an advantage with goats that it is easier to look for grass with them and this prevents them from being fed a grain mixture that does not match the natural food of the animals which is grass and not a mixture like today, as it is written:

Herzl cites Kohlat

I don’t think any more words will help. These are Herzl’s words from the book “Altneuland”: And the words of our sages, are their luster dimmed? No and no, they light our way, although in days of happiness they are less visible to our eyes than in nights of distress, like all flames. And what does that mean? that we must instill in our consciousness that it is our duty to multiply beauty and wisdom on earth until our last breath; Because we are the earth; From where we came and where we will return. And Kohlat has already said, and we have nothing to add to his words: “And the land will stand forever…”